fighting for equality in schools, at work, and online


About Us


Konidaris Law is a civil rights firm dedicated to ending violence, harassment, and discrimination in schools, in the workplace, and online. While a Staff Attorney at Legal Momentum, I noticed a trend on our helpline: many young women were facing unspeakable trauma, discrimination, and retaliation at school or in college but didn't feel comfortable turning to friends or family, and had no idea how to get in touch with an attorney -- or what to say to an attorney. I started this firm with a special commitment to the legal needs of women and girls who have faced sexual violence and discrimination in school, from elementary (yes, elementary) to grad school. 

Many of our clients are exceptionally talented young women and girls who are fighting, against all odds, for equal access to their education after surviving horrific violence, harassment, and retaliation. They often suffer in silence and experience retaliation more traumatizing than the assault itself. Konidaris Law provides something that is lacking and truly needed for these young women: a trauma-informed approach to aggressive litigation.